UTV Trails in Missouri

When looking for new places to travel to for UTV trails, you’ll find no shortage of great locations to visit in the US. Missouri is a hidden treasure when it comes to UTV off-roading, filled with endless terrain conditions to challenge new and more experienced drivers. Today, we’re going to discover the best UTV trails in Missouri as well as our top tips to make the most of your vacation here.


Why Missouri is a Great Destination for UTV Off-Roading

No matter how far and wide you’ve traveled in the past to enjoy your favorite hobby, you’ll find there are an extensive number of trails in Missouri for you to enjoy. The varied terrain conditions make the “Show-Me” state one of the most exciting places to drive in the country. You’ll find flat ground trails for beginners as well as rolling hills or rivers to cross for more advanced drivers. This diversity means that no two days on the trails will be the same, making for a vacation you’ll remember for a long time to come.


Missouri UTV Vacations

Even a full week won’t be enough to explore all of the top UTV trails in Missouri. A vacation here offers you the chance to challenge your driving skills while also relaxing and seeing more of what this state has to offer. It’s possible for you to drive ATVs, UTVs, and OHVs on most of the trails here, but you’ll need to double-check each route for its own restrictions.

Keep in mind that you can only drive UTVs and other similar vehicles on public roads within three miles of your primary residence. Therefore, if you have traveled from outside of the state, you’ll need to keep to the UTV trails. While some cities and towns may allow OHVs to use the roads, you’ll want to ensure you are 100% certain of where you are allowed to drive before heading out for the day.


Where to Rent a UTV in Missouri

If you are flying into Missouri or just don’t want to go through the hassle of traveling with your own UTV, you’ll find there are multiple locations to rent a UTV in Missouri. Buffalo River Offroad Rentals is a popular rental outlet that also offers guided UTV tours if you are looking to see more of the local area with an expert. Throughout the state, you’ll find companies that can rent you UTVs and ATVs for a full day or even longer if needed. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions of rental carefully to ensure you are protected on the road in case of an accident or damage to the vehicle.


Top 5 UTV Trails in Missouri

There’s no shortage of great UTV trails to explore in Missouri. Below are five of our favorite trails, offering something to suit everyone’s experience level and interests. You’ll have no trouble finding a new challenge each time you visit the state, which is why people return to Missouri over and over again.


Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch

The Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch is consistently rated as one of the top UTV trails in the state. You’ll find trails here for beginners and advanced drivers, which are well-marked on the mapped trails. We really appreciate the wide range of conditions on the trails here, with different ratings to show their difficulty. For anyone looking for a challenge, you’ll want to try the trails rated six for the most exciting trails on the ranch. As well as all of the UTV trails to explore, you can consider camping or renting a cabin at this family-friendly park too.


Smurfwood Trails

Located in Canton, Missouri, Smurfwood Trails offers 680 acres of trails for you to explore. It’s another great location for varied terrain conditions, with hills, fields, bridges, and muddy areas to explore. You’ll find a range of accommodation options here as well, so it’s ideal for anyone looking to spend a few days in this part of the state. Keep in mind that all UTVs that want to use the trails here may not exceed 64 inches in width.


Flatnasty Off-Road Park

Flatnasty Off-Road Park can be found in Jadwin, Missouri, and offers a range of different hills and muddy trails for you to explore. Throughout the year, they often host various events here, so you’ll want to check their events calendar to see what’s going on during your visit. Lodging, camping, and RVs are welcome here, which will give you a chance to explore the over 600 miles of trails on offer during your stay.


Hooter Holler Off-Road Park

Hooter Holler Off-Road Park provides UTV drivers with 500 acres to explore. Hooter Holler has a variety of options on offer here for you, including wooded trails, a dirt drag course, and a motocross track. It’s a great location for anyone traveling with their family, as you can enjoy camping and swimming all year round.


Chadwick OHV Trail

Open from sunrise to sundown each day, the Chadwick OHV Trail is located within the Mark Twain National Forest. Trails here cater to both beginners and more advanced drivers, with rocky trails and forest adventures on offer. You can camp nearby in the forest, and there are plenty of amenities in the local area to support you during your day on the trails.


Best Missouri UTV Resources

If you are traveling to Missouri to experience the state’s UTV trails, then make sure you are aware of the local rules and regulations for UTV drivers. These regulations may vary from your home state, so always take a look at them before heading out for your first day of driving. Check out this full guide to the state’s rules and regulations and learn more about Missouri State Parks and whether you can drive in them here.

Missouri is an exciting state for UTV drivers of all experience levels to visit. By familiarizing yourself with the state’s rules and regulations and top trails ahead of your visit, you’ll be ready to head out and explore the stunning nature and trails the state is so well known for.


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