Can-Am Off-Road Differentials and Sway Bars


About Halo Lockers

Halo Lockers is the UTV division of OX Off-Road. OX has been making selectable lockers and off road related components for over 20 years. We attribute our success to our commitment to quality. We achieve this with a great team using the best materials, manufacturing, and metallurgical processes right here in the USA. To top it off we do it with the leading customer service in the industry. When you call OX you’re going to talk to an expert that can help.


Creating a Better Can-Am Differential | A Humble Beginning

Halo started in a little garage through the vision and innovation of the Manning brothers, Kelly and Kevin, in the beginning of 2014 they set out to solve a problem with their rigs and came up with a solution they felt everyone needed. Their better, stronger, faster, lighter instincts kept going and continuously improved their product and brought it to the masses.  Early on along the way OX and Halo crossed paths, and OX started making parts for them. Towards the end of 2020 OX and Halo officially teamed up to in an effort bring you some of the best products available.


Strongest Can Am Pin Lockers & Electronic Sway Bars

Looking to upgrade or buy a Can Am differential? Then you found the right aftermarket company. We make the strongest Can-Am differentials and electronic sway bars that you can buy for your off-road vehicle. Our front and rear differentials solve the inherent problem of weakness in the standard Can-Am factory units. Our differentials (selectable lockers) are compatible with the most popular Can-Am side by side vehicles including:

Our electronic sway bars can be installed on some of the most popular UTVs, such as:

The Honda Talon was first introduced in 2019 and was an exciting addition to the side-by-side vehicles on the market Read more

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Halo Lockers are the Best of the Best Front-End Differential

The Halo 30 Locker is the best of the best front-end differential! It is the ultimate upgrade for your ride for your Can-Am X3 and Defender of any model. The new 33 spline set up uses a 33-spline axel and it is over 1 inch in diameter making it officially the largest axel used in the entire UTV industry.

Merritt Moore

Thankfully, HALO Locker has created several different levels of Can-Am front differential locker upgrades

If you have a Can-Am Maverick X3 without a locking differential and have ever tried to do any rock crawling, you already know that it is nearly impossible. Thankfully, HALO Locker has created several different levels of Can-Am front differential locker upgrades that can not only give you a selectable locker, but also upgrade the strength of the components for more durability.

Jon Crowley

Toughest Differential on the Market

I have been running a Halo locker for 4 years. It’s without a doubt the toughest differential on the market.

Paul Wolff

Problem Solved

After repeated failures of factory Can-Am differentials and axles I tried the Halo 30 locking differential, problem solved.

Jim Harris

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