About us

Halo Lockers is the UTV division of OX Off-Road, OX has been making selectable lockers and off road related components for over 20 years. We attribute our success to our commitment to quality. We achieve this with a great team using the best materials, manufacturing, and metallurgical processes right here in the USA. To top it off we do it with the leading customer service in the industry. When you call OX you’re going to talk to an expert that can help.

A Humble Beginning

Halo started in a little garage through the vision and innovation of the Manning brothers, Kelly and Kevin, in the beginning of 2014 they set out to solve a problem with their rigs and came up with a solution they felt everyone needed. Their better, stronger, faster, lighter instincts kept going and continuously improved their product and brought it to the masses.   Early on along the way OX and halo crossed paths and OX started making parts for them. Towards the end of 2020 OX and Halo officially teamed up to in an effort bring you some of the best products available