Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Halo Lockers

Halo is the UTV division of OX Off Road. OX has been a leader in locking differential manufacturing for over 20 years, our focus has been to make the strongest most reliable products on the market. We achieve that by using the best materials, manufacturing processes, and engineering reliability thru simpler less complicated design, our products are trusted by armored car manufactures to OEM’s, and you can count on our products.

Lockers FAQs

  • What is a locker and what does it do?

    A locker is basically a slang/abreviated term for a differential locker and sometimes referred to as a pin locker depending on design characteristics. The lockers function is to lock both drive wheels of an axle together. Without the drive wheels locked together the differential may not be directing power/torque to the wheel you need it to, in fact it may not be able to drive you at all.  A good video explanation can be found on our support page

  • Will a HALO locker affect my Can-Am’s driving characteristics?

    When the locker is off/unlocked your vehicle will act normal. When in lock the differential has a 100% positive no slip lock. This will cause your steering to feel stiff and reduce your vehicles turn radius. For these reasons it is recommended to turn the locker on only when needed.

  • Can I shift the HALO locker while in moving?

    Yes, if you are not experiencing differential wheel spin it is ok to engage the HALO locker at any speed.

  • Can I install a HALO Locker kit in my front Can-Am differential myself?

    We have video instructions that are pretty clear, and where always here to help with your questions. With that in mind any internal differential maintenance is a task that requires some technical skill.

  • What kind of gear oil should I use with the HALO Locker?

    HALO lockers are designed to operate with those lubricants recommended for the vehicles by Can-Am. No special lubricant is needed. The level should be serviced to the bottom of the fill port hole while sitting on level ground.

  • How do I care for my HALO Locker?

    The HALO locker is easy to care for, we recommend oil changes be done by manufactures recommendations at minimum. The HALO Locker should be operated at least every 30 days to ensure it is in good working condition and to exercise moving components.

  • Does the HALO locker require a break-in?

    No, The HALO locker does not require a break in period, however ever when paired with new axles keep in mind to follow any break in procedures that may be required from the axle manufacturer.

  • Can I get replacement parts for the HALO Locker?

    Yes, in the unlikely event that you "misplace" any parts all the individual parts of a HALO locker are available.

  • My Can-am was factory equipped with a Smart-lok, how is the Halo Locker different?

    The Halo Locker has 2 main advantages over the Can-Am smart-lok differential.

    First, it is a 100% positive lock and cannot slip when engaged. The Smart-lok has clutches that slip and wear out.

    Second, the Halo Locker is more durable and much better able withstand the abuse, and stress created by larger than stock tires, horsepower upgrades, and extreme riding. It has a 40% larger internal differential gear set and uses larger diameter axle input shafts for superior strength.

  • Will the removal of my Can-Am Smart-Lok give me a warning or error on my dash?

    Yes, it would, however we have a simple solution/fix to defeat the warning or alarm that comes from the Smart-Loc differential being removed.

Sway Bar FAQs

  • What is a sway bar and what does it do?

    The sway bar, also often referred to as an anti-roll bar is a suspension component that connects both sides of the suspension together giving resistance to either side from working independently from one another. This basically is always trying to keep the wheels level with the frame giving you stability (anti-roll) when cornering. While the anti-roll bar is great for cornering, it is a hinderance when traversing obstacles or rock climbing or uneven terrain.

  • What does the Halo Electronic Disconnecting sway bar do for my vehicle?

    The Halo disconnecting sway bar gives you the best of both worlds. The factory sway bar must compromise between stability and suspension flex. The ability to disconnect will allow you have a stiffer bar, allowing for more stabilization for cornering and handling, however when you need your suspension to flex it will allow it to freely flex to the best of it abilities without the sway bay interference.

  • Do I need to stop before I engage or disengage the Halo disconnecting sway bar?

    No, when the button is pressed for a change in mode. The sway bar will disconnect as soon as it has a neutral torsion, and it will reconnect when the bars transition thru the neutral position automatically.

  • Is the Halo Disconnecting Sway Bar adjustable?

    Yes, there is 3 different positions the sway bar links can be installed, each one giving a different level of stabilization when connected.

  • How should I adjust the Halo Disconnecting Sway Bar?

    The hole closest to the cross bar is stiffest, the hole farthest is softest. Its best to get a feel for it and adjust to your liking. A general rule of thumb is for a rear sway bar to increase understeer go softer to increase oversteer go stiffer. FYI it would be opposite for a front sway bar.