Best UTV Trails in Utah

Off-road vehicles are incredibly popular in Utah, allowing you to see a lot of the state’s scenery and nature that’s not necessarily accessible by car or RV. Utah is home to thousands of miles of trails, with UTVs being one of the best ways to get out and explore this stunning part of the country. To help you plan for your upcoming adventure in Utah, today we’re going to share some of the best UTV trails in Utah and our top tips for making the most of your time in the Beehive State.

Why Utah is a Top Destination for UTV Off-Roading

Adventure lovers travel to Utah to take part in the many outdoor activities here. Thanks to the beautiful scenery and endless miles of UTV trails, you’ll find that you can enjoy hours on the trails exploring everything this state has to offer to visitors. Driving UTVs is incredibly popular in Utah, as residents here love to spend time outdoors throughout the year. You’ll have no trouble finding somewhere to rent a UTV in the area as well as meeting locals who are willing to share the best areas to go for a drive. Enjoy traveling through scenic mountains and the open desert as well as driving through the towns which in some cases allow UTVs as well.

Utah UTV Vacations

Utah is a fantastic vacation spot for visitors of all ages. Besides spending endless hours on the UTV trails, there are plenty of other outdoor adventures to be had. If you don’t want to travel with your own UTV, then you’ll find many locations to rent a UTV for your trip. Either Salt Lake City or Moab are the ideal places to start a Utah vacation. From Salt Lake City, you can travel south to Zion National Park, which is one of the most breath-taking parks in the country.


Where to Rent a UTV in Utah

Throughout the state, you’ll find there are many rental locations that will be able to offer you a UTV rental for the entirety of your vacation. Whether you are just looking to rent a vehicle for one day or for a longer duration, you’ll have no trouble finding a UTV rental company to fit your needs. A few of our favorite UTV rental stores include ATV Rentals Utah, Utah ATV Rentals, and AK Recreational Rentals.

Top 6 UTV Trails in Utah

Now that you know why Utah is such an exciting place to visit for a UTV vacation, let’s discover some of the top UTV trails in the state. All of these trails are well worth adding to your vacation itinerary.


1. Hell’s Revenge

Located near Moab, Utah, Hell’s Revenge is known for being one of the most challenging trails in the state. It’s made up of many sandstone domes, all of which come at different gradients to make for a fantastic adventure. This trail is one of the more advanced trails in the state, but it’s all about knowing you have good control over your vehicle. Make sure you choose a powerful vehicle to take out on this trail, so that you can climb the hills and brake when needed to enjoy a safe but fun day out.

2. Burr Trail

Burr Trai is a 62 mile point-to-point trail that can be found near Boulder, Utah. It’s an easier route than some of the others we’ve shared here today and is popular with locals and visitors alike. The trail is easily accessible from April to November each year, but we recommend coming out in the earlier hours of the day to enjoy it with fewer vehicles around.

3. Paiute Trail

For a longer trail in South-Central Utah, check out the Paiute trail. It’s a loop trail with no set beginning or end, stretching over 275 miles. During your journey, you’ll pass through various towns and an optional 1,000 miles of side trails. We recommend exploring this trail in segments, which you can split up to enjoy throughout your vacation. Drivers could easily spend the best part of a week exploring this part of the state, where you can also enjoy camping and fishing.

4. Area BFE

Area BFE is a 320-acre recreation park which offers free entry for visitors. The owners are passionate explorers themselves, who aim to give off-roaders a place to explore and ride for free in Utah. Area BFE is located in Moab, Utah, which is a hub for adventure sport in the state and offers endless activities for vacationers, including hiking and climbing.

5. Long Canyon

If you’ve spent the day exploring Canyonlands National Park, then you can head back to Moab via the Long Canyon trail. This trail is one of the most picturesque trails in the state and is ideal for anyone looking for amazing photo opportunities of the rocks here. It’s a 15 mile trail which offers a moderate challenge for UTV drivers.

6. Hurrah Pass / Chicken Corners

Another great trail near Moab, Utah is Hurrah Pass. It’s a 19 mile trail which usually takes riders the best part of a day to explore. The high scenic pass makes this easy trail more of a challenge than you might expect, but you’ll enjoy amazing views over the nearby scenery on your route.

Best Utah UTV Resources

For more information about driving UTVs in Utah, check out this site. You can find out all about the local rules and regulations for UTV driving here. Make sure you always follow the local rules and regulations to ensure you have a safe vacation.

Utah is one of the country’s best states for your next UTV vacation. Use the resources we’ve shared above to help plan your trip and enjoy exploring some of the state’s top trails during your stay here.

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