Best UTV Trails in Florida

When you think of some of the best UTV trails, do any Florida trails come to mind? While Florida might not be at the top of every list, it most definitely should be. Read to find out why Florida is at the top of our list and some of the best UTV trails in Florida worth visiting!

With year-round warm weather, Florida is home to some of the best side-by-side trails in the south! From the diverse landscaping to the exciting wildlife, Florida offers drivers a one-of-a-kind environment to explore. Throughout the state, drivers can expect a variety of public offroading trails and private UTV parks to select from. Whether you enjoy off-roading through National Forests, swamps, or rocky/sandy terrain, there is a trail for every avid driver. So what are you waiting for? Let’s find the right trail for you for your next UTV adventure in Florida!


Before Hitting the UTV Trails

While it may be tempting to head to the trails without checking the park or trail website, reading over the page may save you from any fines or potential risks. The last thing you would want is to get lost, get caught up in poisonous plants, or be fined for breaking park rules. This is especially important for National Parks since they have their own guidelines and rules for park maintenance. When in doubt, checking the website or park information center before hitting the trails is a good rule of thumb.

For a refresher, here are some of our top tips to consider before driving!

  1. Review Your Route. Don’t get us wrong, it is great to be spontaneous! But spontaneity does not mean going off-course into protected land. Make sure you know your route before starting or you may get lost or fined. By reviewing your route, you can map out where you want to go in the areas you’re allowed to go in. It will also let you know the level of difficulty of the trail before starting.
  2. Know Your Environment. With each trail having its own types of diverse landscaping and wildlife, it is important to know your environment before starting. Understanding the types of trees, animals, poisonous plants, and potential critters can help protect yourself and those with you. Certain trails or parks may be more prone to having poison ivy, snakes, or alligators than others so it can help you be mindful and cautious of your surroundings.
  3. Respect Nature. You should aim to treat nature and the trails just like you would treat your beautiful UTV. It goes without saying that trash should be thrown away in respective bins rather than leaving it on the trail. Animals should be left alone and not harassed. And, trail paths should be followed if designated. Treat nature with respect and these parks will continue to be available and accessible for UTV drivers.
  4. Check the Weather. As any local Floridian knows, Florida’s weather is extremely unpredictable and ever-changing. While it can be difficult to rely on forecast accuracy, it is definitely your best bet when seeing what the day should look like. If the forecast shows potential rain or thunderstorms, you should reconsider hitting the trails that day. The last thing you would want is to be on the trails when a heavy storm hits.
  5. Dress Accordingly. Florida’s humidity is no joke. And what comes with the humidity–none other than mosquitos and biting insects! In order to protect your skin from getting bitten, wear lightweight and breathable long-sleeve shirts and pants. Additionally, by wearing these options, your skin will have an extra layer of protection against the intense Florida sun. Protect your skin in more ways than one by dressing accordingly before hitting the trails!



Top 5 UTV Trails in Florida

Since there are so many great trails throughout the state, it was tough picking our top 5 UTV trails. Nevertheless, we were able to select five trails that offer a variety of levels, extraordinary views, and the best overall experience. Take a look at our top 5 trails located in Florida.


1. Bone Valley Park

Address: 10427 County Road 630 W., Mulberry, FL 33860

Phone: (863) 534-6911

Winter Hours: 8 am to 5 pm (October-May)

Open: Friday through Monday

Requirements: Registered vehicles only, signed waiver, and riders under 16 years must take a rider’s eCourse.

Fee: Adults (ages 16-64) – $15

Additional Info: Bone Valley Park is a 200-acre tract of land with 15 trails all ranging in difficulty. There are open riding areas and hills throughout the park. If you don’t have a vehicle, there are ones available to rent!

Website: Bone Valley ATV Park (

Want to see a review of the park? Check out the YouTube video below!


2. Hog Waller Mud Bog and Park

Address: 400 County Road 310, Palatka, FL 32178

Phone: (386) 643-8042

Winter Hours: 9 am to 5 pm (October-May)

Open: Monday through Sunday

Requirements: Signed entrance waiver.

Fee: 1 Day Pass – $20

Additional Info: Hog Waller Mud Bog and Park is an 1100-acre outdoor park that is open year-round! Throughout the year on select weekends, the park is open for 24-hours for drivers who want to take on the trails at any hour. The park offers UTV drivers to take on the trails in the woods, water crossings, and mud pits. Additionally, the park has UTV vehicles available to rent!

Website: Hogwaller RV Campground (

This park is epic! Check it out for yourself in the YouTube video below!


3. The Swamp OffRoad Park

Address: 3690 Mobile Swamp Road Chipley, FL 32428

Phone: (850) 326-5713

Winter Hours: 8 am – Closes at dark.

Open: 1st & 3rd Saturday– Rain or Shine

Requirements: Signed entrance waiver and registered vehicles.

Fee: $10 per off-road vehicle | $10 per person (drivers/riders/spectators)

Additional Info: The Swamp OffRoad Park is a newly expanded off-roading park that offers a variety of trail difficulties. The park offers wash stations for your UTVs and hot showers for drivers. From swamp and mud to rocks and climbs, The Swap has an exciting trail map planned out for drivers.

Website: The Swamp OffRoad Park

Check out the trail in the YouTube video below!


4. Ocala National Forest

Address: Florida, 32179

Phone: (352) 625-2520

Winter Hours: Dawn to dusk.

Open: Daily

Requirements: Purchased OHV pass online, Forest Service-approved spark arrestors, ownership title, and a copy of a Florida OHV registration and identification.

Fee: $10 per person for a 3-day pass

Additional Info: Ocala National Forest boasts nearly 300 miles of trails for UTV riders! Some of the top trails in the park are in the north trail system ranging from 13 miles to 25 miles. UTVs can ride on the Hog Valley Trail, Longleaf Trail, Tobacco Patch Trail, and other trails. Find more trails at the link here.

Website: National Forests in Florida – OHV Riding & Camping:OHV Trail Riding (

Want to see the trails yourself? Check out this video!


5. Apalachicola National Forest

Address: Florida, 32358

Phone: (850) 643-2282

Winter Hours: 8 am – 6 pm

Open: Daily

Requirements: Purchased OHV pass online, Forest Service-approved spark arrestors, ownership title, and a copy of a Florida OHV registration and identification.

Fee: $10 per person for a 3-day pass

Additional Info: This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Florida’s largest national forest. Apalachicola is home to 56 miles of UTV trails in the Silver Lake OHV system. UTVs can ride on the Silver Lake OHV Trailhead on the yellow-marked trail. Find the trail map at the link here.

Website: National Forests in Florida – Silver Lake OHV Trailhead (

Watch this short video of what the Apalachicola National Forest has to offer for UTV drivers!


Best Apps for Finding UTV / ATV Trails

Whether you enjoy tracking your rides or simply don’t want to get lost, downloading a UTV / ATV trail app is extremely helpful. Check out some of our favorite apps on the App Store right now!


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