UTV Trail Spotlight: Hatfield McCoy Ivy Branch Trail System

While the Hatfield McCoy Trail System has so many trails worth visiting, the Ivy Branch trail system is in our spotlight. Let’s find out what you can expect when visiting the Hatfield McCoy Ivy Branch trail system.

The Hatfield McCoy Trail System is one of the most expansive off-highway trail systems in the world. Located in West Virginia, this professionally managed trail system offers riders endless options for how to enjoy a day on the trails.

With 10 individual trail systems and over 1,000+ miles of trails in the West Virginia mountains, Hatfield McCoy has a trail and experience for every rider. Riders can enjoy West Virginia’s unforgettable scenic views while having a good time with friends and family. Not only are riders loving the Hatfield McCoy Trail System, but the press are too! With accolades from Dirt Wheels, ATV Illustrated, ATV Sport, Dirt Rider, and ATV Magazine, Hatfield McCoy Trails are highly rated by some of the industry’s top magazines.

Whether you are looking for a challenge or an enjoyable joy ride, the Hatfield McCoy Trail System has a variety of options for you. Check out the individual trail systems below:

  • Bearwallow
  • Buffalo Mountain
  • Cabwaylingo State Forest
  • Devil’s Anse
  • Indian Ridge
  • Ivy Branch
  • Pinnacle Creek
  • Pocahontas
  • Rock House
  • Warrior

Throughout the 10 individual trails located within the Hatfield McCoy Trail System, each gives riders a wide range of difficulty, terrain, and scenery to view. While each of the trails offers its own beauty and adventure, we want to focus our trail spotlight on the Ivy Branch trail. Let’s take a look at what the Ivy Branch trail system has to offer!


Ivy Branch Trail System

Located a short 20-minute drive from West Virginia’s capital city, Ivy Branch is one of the more accessible trails in the Hatfield McCoy Trail System. Ivy Branch features 60 miles of trails accessible for UTVs, ATVs, full-sized off-road vehicles like Jeeps, and dirt bikes. Throughout the trail, riders can expect to see scenic mountain views, valleys, rocks, and hills to climb. If you enjoy more extreme adventures, there are sections in the Ivy Branch trails for extreme crawling over obstacles and rocks.

Each of the trails in the Ivy Branch system is visibly marked and rated for riders. You can find out which trail is the best fit for you by checking the ratings and the trail map before visiting. This will ensure your vehicle and skill level can handle the course. If you are wanting to find out more information about the course before riding, you can visit the Hatfield McCoy Welcome Center where you can find permits and trail maps.

You can learn more about the Ivy Branch Trail by watching the short YouTube video below.



The Ivy Branch sections of the Hatfield McCoy Trail System offer moderately challenging terrain for riders to explore. With the beautiful mountainous views, come the thrilling elevation changes. While most of the terrain is hard-packed dirt, there are trail sections that present hill climbs and challenging rocks. This is especially exciting for riders that have installed a differential locker.

Adding a differential locker will allow there to be equal power pushed to all wheels. In short, that means that when taking on aggressive elevation changes or obstacles, the differential locker will give better traction and overall performance. Without one of these lockers, this course could be difficult for some vehicles since the terrain has obstacles, steep climbs, and loose surfaces. If you want to enhance your off-road vehicle with one of the industry’s top differential lockers, you should check out the Halo Locker.

Don’t believe us? Hear what riders The Can-Am Crew have to say about taking on the Ivy Branch with their newly installed Halo Locker in the video below!


Diff Locker / Ivy Branch Video Highlights

While we encourage you to watch the full video, here are some of our favorite moments and quotes throughout it.

  • After testing out the Halo Locker on the difficult Ivy Branch trail system, The Can-Am Crew stated, “If you’re thinking about the Halo Locker, I highly suggest it. It’s helped out tremendously on this trail,”.
  • When asked about how the diff locks felt on the Ivy Branch trail, the rider exclaimed, “It was much better on that trail. I felt like I had more control,”. She agreed that the Halo Locker made it easier for her vehicle to climb steep rocks.
  • The video ends with a great quote about our Halo Locker. The rider said, “That Halo Diff Locker…it’s 100% better with that diff lock,”.

Hearing reviews like this on such an impressive course makes us grateful to be in this business. To know that we are helping improve the experience of riders on well-known trails like Ivy Branch means everything to us as a company. Thank you to The Can-Am Crew for the positive review and ongoing support of Halo Lockers!


Regulations and Trail Rules

Since the Ivy Branch trails have dedicated park rangers and officers patrolling the area for safety purposes, you will want to be sure to know the rules before starting. Before hitting the trails, there are a few regulations you need to keep in mind to stay out of trouble. Throughout the year, the trails are open daily from dawn to dusk. While there is no entry or parking cost, riders must pay $26.50 per rider, or for non-residents, $50 per rider. Aside from the cost, let’s take a look at some of the regulations and trail rules for the Ivy Branch trail.

  • Hatfield McCoy Trail user permits are required for ALL riders year-round. Every rider, driver, and passenger must display their Hatfield McCoy permit on their helmet.
  • Everyone must wear a dot, snell, or an approved helmet on the trail with eye protection.
  • Must be 6 years or older to be on the trail. No booster seats in vehicles.
  • No alcoholic beverages can be consumed or carried on the trail.
  • Spark-arresting exhaust silencer or an end cap is required in order to prevent forest fires from starting.
  • Keep the vehicle noise to a limit of 99 dB.`
  • Try to be courteous to the neighbors around.
  • No trailblazing allowed. Stay on the trail.
  • No night riding. Riding hours are from dawn to dusk.


Enhance Your Ivy Branch Experience With Halo Lockers

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