Best UTV Trails in Colorado

Colorado is one of the best places in the U.S. for UTV trails, offering a range of adventures for side-by-side enthusiasts to enjoy. Today, we’re going to discover what makes this area so perfect for heading out on your UTV and some of the top trails in the state for you to explore. If you’ve never been to Colorado before, then you’re in for a treat when it comes to UTV off-roading here. The state is an adventure-lovers paradise, with endless trails and outdoor activities to keep you entertained. When traveling from further away, you’ll have no trouble renting a side-by-side vehicle in Colorado if you aren’t able to bring one from home. The trails here are suitable for drivers of all experience levels, so whether you regularly drive or are new to the activity, you’ll find something for everyone here, including hunters. For example, Fisher’s ATV World posted a video about taking a 2019 Can Am Maverick to Colorado for an elk hunting adventure.

UTV Trail Spotlight: Hatfield McCoy Ivy Branch Trail System

The Hatfield McCoy Trail System is one of the most expansive off-highway trail systems in the world. Located in West Virginia, this professionally managed trail system offers riders endless options for how to enjoy a day on the trails. Let’s find out what you can expect when visiting the Hatfield McCoy Ivy Branch trail system and why it is in our UTV trail spotlight.

Best UTV Trails in Florida

When you think of some of the best UTV trails, do any Florida trails come to mind? While Florida might not be at the top of every list, it most definitely should be. Read to find out why Florida is at the top of our top list and some of the best UTV trails in Florida worth visiting! With year-round warm weather, Florida is home to some of the best side-by-side trails in the south! From the diverse landscaping to the exciting wildlife, Florida offers drivers a one-of-a-kind environment to explore. Throughout the state, drivers can expect a variety of public offroading trails and private UTV parks to select from. Whether you enjoy off-roading through National Forests, swamps, or rocky/sandy terrain, there is a trail for every avid driver. So what are you waiting for? Let’s find the right trail for you for your next UTV adventure in Florida!

What is an Electronic Sway Bar?

What is an Electronic Sway Bar?

While off-roading and taking sharp turns is a thrilling experience, it can be risky without the proper vehicle suspension setup. In comparison to street vehicles, UTVs and ATVs are more prone to tipping because they are normally driven on off-road terrain as opposed to roads and highways. Even some of the more experienced UTV drivers can find it difficult to control their vehicle thru different types of terrain without using an electronic sway bar. Rather than limiting the driver’s control while driving a UTV, an electronic sway bar can help redistribute the balance of the vehicle when needed and also allow for suspension flex when necessary.

Can-Am Defender Side-by-Side Vehicle – What You Need to Know

Can-Am Defender Side-by-Side Vehicle - What You Need to Know

Can-Am offers a full range of ATV and side-by-side vehicles. These off-road vehicles are suitable for drivers of all experience levels. The Can-Am Defender was an exciting addition to the line-up of vehicles when the company first announced it. Today we’re going to discover everything you need to know about this vehicle and some surprising facts you may not know about it.