What does the Halo Electronic Disconnecting sway bar do for my vehicle?

The Halo disconnecting sway bar gives you the best of both worlds. The factory sway bar must compromise between stability and suspension flex. The ability to disconnect will allow you have a stiffer bar, allowing for more stabilization for cornering and handling, however when you need your suspension to flex it will allow it to …

My Can-am was factory equipped with a Smart-lok, how is the Halo Locker different?

The Halo Locker has 2 main advantages over the Can-Am smart-lok differential. First, it is a 100% positive lock and cannot slip when engaged. The Smart-lok has clutches that slip and wear out. Second, the Halo Locker is more durable and much better able withstand the abuse, and stress created by larger than stock tires, …

Does the HALO locker require a break-in?

No, The HALO locker does not require a break in period, however ever when paired with new axles keep in mind to follow any break in procedures that may be required from the axle manufacturer.

How do I care for my HALO Locker?

The HALO locker is easy to care for, we recommend oil changes be done by manufactures recommendations at minimum. The HALO Locker should be operated at least every 30 days to ensure it is in good working condition and to exercise moving components.

What kind of gear oil should I use with the HALO Locker?

HALO lockers are designed to operate with those lubricants recommended for the vehicles by Can-Am. No special lubricant is needed. The level should be serviced to the bottom of the fill port hole while sitting on level ground.