Can-Am Maverick Profile & Upgrade Options

Can-Am Maverick Profile & Upgrade Options

When you think of side-by-side vehicles, does the Can-Am Maverick come to mind? Well, if it doesn’t, it most definitely should. Let us help give you insight on everything you need to know about the absolute beast of a side by side vehicle: the Can-Am Maverick.


The Can-Am Maverick is an extreme-off-road, side-by-side vehicle that can handle any adventure in its path. Through its spacious interior and sleek exterior, the Maverick showcases how it is the perfect side-by-side for any occasion. Whether you are wanting to drive somewhere remote or go off-road racing, the Can-Am Maverick has proved itself to be fully capable and insanely reliable.

The Can-Am Maverick is packed with a leading triple-cylinder engine, an innovative suspension design, adjustable FOX Racing Shocks, and a high-performance clutch. These features provide drivers and passengers with a comfortable ride without dampening the authenticity of the off-road experience. Let’s take a look at the top facts you need to know about the Can-Am Maverick and how you can upgrade your experience!


Want to see how extreme the Can-Am Maverick is? Check out the YouTube video below to watch it in action!


Can-Am Maverick History

The Can-Am Maverick vision all started back in 1942 with Joseph-Armand Bombardier and his newly founded company– Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). BRP was known for designing snowmobiles and motocross vehicles but eventually ventured into all-terrain vehicles (ATV).

Instead of sticking to a traditional design, BRP continued to set the industry standards high by designing the first manufacturer-approved ATV for two persons. As a result, BRP continued to grow in success and popularity across the racing world. In September of 2007, BRP rebranded its ATV line to be called–what we know today–the Can-Am.

Following the initial success of their rebranding, Can-Am introduced their first side-by-side vehicle called the Can-Am Commander in 2010. This new side-by-side lineup came with different model variations and engine sizes. The Can-Am Commander put Can-Am at the top of the industry for side-by-side vehicles.


2012 – Can Am Maverick Initial Release

Just two years later, Can-Am released their most durable and fastest design yet with the Can-Am Maverick. The Can-Am Maverick had the highest horsepower of side-by-side vehicles in the industry. Even after releasing a successful vehicle, Can-Am enhanced its performance by adding a turbo-charge option the following year. To date, the Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo is the highest horsepower side-by-side vehicle on the market.

Learn more about the history of Can-Am and what’s next for them by watching the YouTube video linked below.


Can-Am Maverick Awards


Common Problems with the Original Can-Am Maverick (Early Models)

While the Can-Am Maverick is a reliable side-by-side, like any vehicle, it will have problems of its own. Although minor, some of the common problems with the Maverick can end up costing drivers more money to repair it.

One of the most commonly listed problems with the Maverick is involving the original front differentials. While the ones installed can do the job, drivers have reported that it creates a grinding sound due to u-joints not being indexed correctly (Maverick Forum). Additionally, some have reported that the tie rods are weak from factory installation. Even though these are small issues, these problems can have long-term effects on your Can-Am Maverick. You can avoid these problems by getting your Can-Am Maverick inspected and repaired when necessary and upgrading your parts.

Get connected! If you are a Maverick driver that has some questions, check out this Maverick Forum to connect with fellow drivers about issues with their Mavericks. If you have more questions, you can watch the YouTube video below to learn more about how you can fix some of the common Can-Am Maverick problems.


Upgrade Your Can Am Maverick Differential

Are you a current Maverick driver that is wanting to upgrade your Can-Am Maverick? One of the most affordable and long-lasting enhancements we can help you with is by replacing your front differentials. At Halo Performance, we offer some of the best quality front differentials on the market to extend the life of our side-by-side vehicle.

Stock Size Axles:

For Aftermarket Large Axles:

Additionally, if you need a sway bar replacement, Halo Performance can provide you with exactly what you need. Our online shop has axles and other accessories to add on to your Can-Am Maverick. Shop Halo Performance today!

If you are looking for a specific Can-Am Maverick differential, visit the link here to see what we have to offer.


Can-Am Maverick Pricing: New vs. Old

Each generation of the Can-Am Maverick has continued to improve with each release. From the side-by-side’s performance and functionality to its appearance and features, Can-Am produces a top-notch Maverick every time. The 2023 Maverick offers a range in prices to best suit your preference and needs. Let’s take a look at the three Maverick models to view their pricing and our personal Halo Performance recommendations for each model.


  • If you are looking for a side-by-side that is built for anything, we recommend you buy the 2023 MAVERICK X3. Pricing starts at $21,599.


  • If you are looking for a side-by-side that can handle any terrain and any weather, we recommend you buy the 2023 MAVERICK SPORT. Pricing starts at $19,699.


  • If you are looking for a side-by-side vehicle that will comfortably take on any trail, we recommend you buy the 2023 MAVERICK TRAIL. Pricing starts at $13,599.


While buying new is always an exciting and reliable option, sometimes the price isn’t right. Thankfully, there are plenty of used side-by-side Can-Am Mavericks that are in great condition on the market. The main thing to look at is the quality of the vehicle and the actual price point. The last thing anybody wants is to get ripped off by something that looks better online than in person. So, let our team at Halo Performance help give you a short overview of the price range you should be looking for in a used Can-Am Maverick.

*It is important to note that the overall price of each vehicle will vary on its condition.


  • A used 2022 MAVERICK X3 DS TURBO has prices starting from $18,399 (ATV Trader).


  • A used 2022 MAVERICK SPORT 1000 has prices ranging from $15,699 to $18,253 (ATV Trader).


  • A used 2021 MAVERICK TRAIL 800 has prices ranging from $11,399 to $12,799 (ATV Trader).


Watch the YouTube video below for additional help on selecting a used Can-Am Maverick.


Where to Buy Parts for Your Can-Am Maverick

Side-by-side vehicles are designed to withhold against various terrains, weather conditions, and activities. It is what makes the vehicle so desirable to many drivers. Regardless of how well you maintain the upkeep of your Can-Am Maverick, at some point, you will need to buy replacement parts. We understand that finding specific parts can be a bit of a headache. So, let our team at Halo Performance help you find exactly what your Can-Am Maverick needs! Below are our top website recommendations for buying parts for your Can-Am Maverick:


Maverick Driver Reviews

  • Review by Emme Hall | 2022 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RC Turbo RR

“Driving and riding in the Can-Am Maverick allowed me to ditch my stodgy preconceived notions about what an off-road rig should be. It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had in the dirt, with the reassurance that almost nothing could get in my way.”

  • Review by John Arens | 2022 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo

“Can-Am has a penchant for high-performance, and every Maverick model is designed to thrill both driver and passenger. They bring plenty of power to the trail with engines all the way up to 200hp driving easy-to-operate CVT transmissions. Long travel suspension smooths out the trails or desert terrain, even on the budget-friendly Trail models.”

“The 2023 Can-Am Maverick X3 DS got its extra grunt thanks to a new turbo, bigger injectors, a new ECU, and revised ECU tuning. Can-Am also reworked the X3 DS’ pDrive primary clutch to make the rig accelerate more quickly and run quieter.”


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