Can-Am Commander History and Upgrade Options for Differentials

Can-Am Commander History and Upgrade Options for Differentials

The Can-Am Commander is a popular side-by-side vehicle, which offers many different applications and uses to drivers. If you’ve been considering purchasing a Can-Am Commander for your personal and/or professional use, then you have found the right website. Today, we’re going to share our complete guide to the history, uses, pricing, and differential upgrade options for this special vehicle. You’ll also learn some surprising facts and figures about the vehicle as well as some common problems and reviews from drivers.



History of the Can-Am Commander

Can-Am is part of Bombardier Recreational Products, which was established back in 1942. The company is well-respected in the powersports industry and is known for creating and testing the first snowmobile. Over the years, the company has released many different vehicles, with the Can-Am Commander side-by-side vehicle first being unveiled way back in 2010. This pioneering vehicle offered an 85-hp Rotax 1000 V-Twin engine, which could easily travel across various terrains and offered a dual-level cargo box for drivers.

Can-Am is known for its innovation within the industry, working to target new global markets and creating a name for itself with the variety of vehicles it offers. You’ll find the Can-Am Commander is sold in the US, Canada, Asia, and Europe now. The company offers a variety of options when it comes to purchasing the Can-Am Commander, so there is something for everyone’s needs and uses. You’ll see that it’s one of the most versatile side-by-side vehicles to ever be offered, which is why we haven’t seen it diminish in popularity over the past decade.


Popular Uses or Applications of This Vehicle

There are many different reasons why someone may opt to purchase the Can-Am Commander. It is the ideal combination of a sport side-by-side vehicle and a workhouse machine, meaning it is suitable for both recreational and work / commercial uses.

No matter what type of terrain you drive the Can-Am Commander on, you’ll find that it thrives on sand, gravel, mud, and rocks. It can be operated in almost any weather or ground conditions, offering you endless options when it comes to exploring in the Can-Am Commander. Drivers appreciate that you can enjoy using the vehicle for work during the weekdays, and then come the weekend, you can head out on an exciting recreational drive in the Can-Am Commander.


Surprising Can-Am Commander Facts

The Can-Am Commander finally received a redesign in 2021, which was long overdue since the vehicle’s launch. The new vehicle has a naturally aspirated Rotax 976cc v-twin engine offering 100 horsepower, making it a very powerful vehicle for everyday use. Rotax engines are used in all of Can-Am’s vehicles, helping to give them the power and speed that consumers demand today.

Other impressive statistics regarding the Can-Am Commander are about its towing capacity. It can take a whopping 2000 lbs, allowing you to move dirt and rocks around any property. This feature is another reason the vehicle is so versatile, as it can be used for many different outdoor and landscaping projects.


How Fast Can the Can-Am Commander Go?

The Can-Am Commander can travel up to 70 or 75 MPH, but this top speed will be impacted by various factors. Keep in mind the weight of the vehicle or anything you’ve loaded onto it may impact its top speed, but you’ll find it’s generally a very powerful vehicle for everyday and normal commercial use.


Pricing for the Can-Am Commander

The pricing of the Can-Am Commander will depend on the model you go for. The Commander DPS starts at around $14,799, and you’ll find the Commander XT is a little pricier, with a starting price of $16,799. The Commander XT 1000R usually starts from around $20,000, but you’ll want to work with your local specialist to find the right option and features for you, which will impact the final price of the vehicle.


Can-Am Commander Awards

The Can-Am Commander has received many different awards over the years, showcasing how popular it is around the world. In 2011, the Can-Am Commander 1000 received the Best of the Best Award from Field & Stream Magazine for the side-by-side ATV category. The design of the vehicle has also been recognized over the years, with the company winning a 2021 Good Design Award for the Can-Am Commander XT-P UTV. No doubt in the future it will continue to be recognized for its reliability, design, and power, as the vehicle has retained its popularity well over the past decade.


Common Problems and Complaints from Can-Am Commander Drivers

While the Can-Am Commander is a popular vehicle with its drivers, there are some concerns and complaints that do come up from time to time. Many of the older models experience overheating, as the engine and exhaust used to be placed in the middle or front of the cab. This location made the cab extremely hot, which in the summer months could make it unbearable to spend time in the Can-Am Commander. Another concern is the noise that the engine makes, which is also more of an issue with older models. That being said, there are ways to alleviate both of these problems. Fortunately, the newer models experience fewer of these types of issues at the current time (2022).



Can-Am Commander Driver Reviews

The Can-Am Commander generally receives good reviews from drivers, who praise the comfort and safety they experience in the vehicle. The wheel and seat are both adjustable, offering a good experience for drivers of all heights and sizes. As a vehicle, it is praised for its power and excellent towing capacity, meaning it’s a versatile vehicle for a variety of uses. The suspension is also one of the best features of the Can-Am Commander. As you can see, there are many positives to this vehicle which drivers consistently mention in their reviews of the Can-Am Commander.



Commander Upgrade Options for Differentials

Although the Commander is a great utility vehicle “out of the box,” several upgrades are recommended to improve the performance, reliability, and safety of the vehicle. Based in Florida, Halo Lockers is the UTV division of OX Off-Road. OX Off Road is known worldwide for making the toughest locking differentials and sway bars on the market. Our Can Am Commander upgrade products are sold online at Our heavy duty pin lockers are proudly made in the USA and purchased by savvy Can-Am drivers who want to strengthen / toughen their side by side vehicles.

One of the primary ways we improve Can Am Commanders is by replacing the factory diff with a pin locker differential. This pin style locker allows you to transform your Commander into an “on-demand” 4 wheel drive vehicle. This diff upgrade enhances safety and performance because the upgraded differential locks instantly so that drivers can take advantage of better traction. In addition, replacing the factory differential with a high quality HALO Locker means the chances of your differential failing in a remote location go WAY down. Don’t get stranded or risk safety / performance. Purchase one of our high quality pin lockers online today. It’s the ultimate upgrade to your Can-Am Commandeer.



See sample pin lockers below:


Lockers for Large Axles

Click on this link to view a full differential option (For Aftermarket Big Axles) for the 2021 Commander


Lockers for Regular Axles

Here is the product link for the same product, but for regular size / stock size axles:


Can Am Commander Locker Kit

Here is the product link to the locker kit, which includes all the components required to do an install of a HALO locker.

Please note that this locker kit does not work with Commander models that have the smart lock / Smart-Lok feature. This comprehensive kit includes two hardened steel shims so that you can shim your spider gears correctly inside the differential.


Commander Conclusions

The Can-Am Commander is an excellent vehicle for a variety of uses and applications. No matter the reason you are looking to invest in this vehicle, you’ll find that it offers a good driver experience. We highly encourage you to compare the available used and new models as you’ll be sure to find a solution to your current needs.

If you have any questions about ways to strengthen the differentials or sway bars on your Commander, then don’t hesitate to give us a call at 727-230-7803. We have been working on Commanders for several years, and we understand the best practices for replacing factory differentials and sway bars with replacement parts made in the USA that will last much longer than the stock parts made and assembled by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) outside the United States.