Best UTV Trails in New Hampshire

Are you looking for somewhere new to explore this year? When it comes to finding the best UTV trails in the country, New Hampshire is a state we highly recommend you visit. Today, we’re going to share our complete guide to the best UTV trails in New Hampshire as well as everything you need to know about renting a UTV while traveling here.


Why New Hampshire is a Top Destination for UTV Off-Roading

Throughout the state of New Hampshire, you are allowed to ride an ATV on designated trails within public land and on private land. This beautiful part of the country offers you a chance to enjoy some time in nature while also appreciating the stunning scenery and locations you’ll drive past on your adventures. New Hampshire can be visited at any time of the year, but we particularly enjoy traveling here during the fall and summer. In the fall you’ll be able to appreciate the changing leaves while seeing the waterfalls and other natural wonders the state is home to.


Where to Rent a UTV in New Hampshire

If you are flying into New Hampshire or don’t have the option of bringing your own UTV, then there are plenty of options when it comes to where to rent a UTV in New Hampshire. Jericho Adventures is one of the top rental locations in the state and is located close to Jericho Mountain State Park. From here, you’ll be able to explore over 1,000 miles of trails, offering you endless days of exploration. White Mt ATV Rental is another great option and also offers guided tours of the local area to help you learn more about the wildlife and nature here in New Hampshire.


Top 5 UTV Trails in New Hampshire

When you start to research a trip to New Hampshire, you’ll find a great range of UTV trails for drivers of all experience levels. These are just five of our favorite UTV trails, all of which are worth visiting during a vacation here.


  1. Jericho Mountain State Park

Without a doubt, the most highly recommended UTV trails in New Hampshire are within Jericho Mountain State Park. Located in northeastern New Hampshire, you’ll find that Berlin, Gorham, or Cascade are all convenient places to stay to explore this area. You can easily spend a few days here discovering the interconnected trails that are suitable for all experience levels. The trails are open each day from 8 am until dusk, but keep in mind they close during the mud season. You’ll find a variety of passes on offer, offering flexibility when planning a trip here.


  1. Ride the Wilds Trail

Another fantastic trail system in New Hampshire is the Ride the Wilds trail system. Offering over 1,000 miles of trails for UTVs and ATVs in Coos County, this area is open from May until November each year. After the summer season, the trails are offered as snowmobile trails, providing another unique way to explore the state. You’ll need a state registration sticker tag to use this trail system, so make sure you organize this ahead of your day out on the trails.


  1. Pisgah State Park

As the largest state park system in the state, Pisgah State Park offers many accessible trails for beginners. It’s one of the best locations to visit for the fall foliage, where you’ll be treated to incredible views and colors along the routes. You’ll find Pisgah State Park in the southwest of New Hampshire, and it’s open all year round, apart from during the mud season. While you can’t camp or park overnight here, there are many campgrounds and hotels in the local area where you can base yourself or your vacation.


  1. Mount Washington Auto Road

As the tallest peak in this region, you’ll enjoy the challenge of the mountain road here, which takes you to the summit. The Mount Washington Auto Road is located in Coos County, and there are plenty of other great trails nearby. We recommend also checking out the North Country and Jericho Mountain when in this area. The road is open every day from June until October.

Important Note! The weather at Mt. Washington can vary widely even in the summer. The weather will have a huge impact on your time here, so make sure you check out the weather forecast and the official website for the Mount Washington Auto Road before heading out for the day. Please note additional fees apply if you wish to drive your UTV to the top of Mt. Washington via the Mt. Washington Auto Road. You can see the schedule of fees and make a reservation (which is required) for your upcoming trip on this web page:


  1. North Country ATV Club Trails

The final trail system we recommend you visit in New Hampshire is the North Country ATV Club Trails. You’ll head more off the beaten path to visit the trail system, but it’s well worth it for the adventure. While the trails are open most of the year apart from the mud season, keep in mind there are fewer amenities when exploring here than on the other trails we’ve highlighted. Come prepared, and you’ll have an incredible adventure exploring these remote trails. And don’t forget to explore the scenic town of North Conway on your way home.


New Hampshire UTV Resources

Ready to start planning your New Hampshire UTV trip? If so, make sure you learn more about the rules and regulations for driving your UTV in this area before traveling. Before you head out for the day, always check the weather and condition of the local trails in case they are closed during your visit. You’ll find the local driving community is very welcoming and helpful here, but the more research you can do ahead of time, the easier it will be to maximize your time here.

These are just some of the top UTV trails in the state of New Hampshire. There’s so much to see and do in this area, which is why you could easily spend a week or two exploring by UTV here. Keep in mind that the mud season closes most of the trails here, so this is a time we recommend avoiding. The fall is one of the best times to visit to see the changing colors of the fall foliage, which is something we recommend everyone does at least once in their lifetime. Whenever you visit New Hampshire, enjoy exploring the trails and scenery here during what will no doubt be an incredibly memorable vacation.


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