Halo Locker vs. TORQ Locker

Halo Locker and TORQ Locker both improve the traction of your UTV, so how do you know which one to select? Let’s learn the differences between the Halo Locker vs TORQ Locker to help make your decision-making easier.


As more drivers continue to push the capabilities of their UTV vehicles, more UTV owners are looking to switch from an open differential to a locking differential (locker). Instead of letting the tires rotate at different speeds, installing a locker transfers the power to both tires locked to the axle to work together. This locking feature allows drivers to gain better traction across a variety of terrain and weather conditions. In short, properly installed lockers provide UTV drivers with the opportunity to experience off-roading in the most extreme form!

Choosing a locker can be a difficult task, especially when every locker has similar claims. Some of the most popular locker selections, like the Halo Locker and the TORQ Locker, are great options for taking on mud, boulders, and steep trails without damaging your UTV. Even though they perform similarly, there are key differences between the competing lockers. Find out how Halo Locker and TORQ Locker compare and what other drivers have to say about their experience with them!


Types of Lockers

Before we tell you about Halo Locker and TORQ Locker, we need to understand the different types of lockers and their individual functions. In the locking differential world, there are two main types of lockers: automatic and selectable. While both lockers are designed to lock the wheels to the axle, they lock and unlock differently than each other. As a result, both types of lockers have separate styles and mechanisms from each other. Let’s take a closer look at automatic and selectable lockers.

  • Automatic

As you can probably guess from the name, an automatic locker locks and unlocks automatically without needing any input from the driver. These types of lockers will stay locked until there is no power/torque supplied to the differential it is at that point the differential will allow one wheel to spin faster than the other (Offroaders). Since it basically switches between lock and unlock by applied torque it may not lock and unlock automatically at the times you really want it to. Automatic lockers offer simple and reliable operation they just may not be optimal in their automation. Automatic lockers are relatively simple to install yourself, and can be a reliable and affordable option for a quick traction fix!

  • Selectable

Unlike automatic lockers, selectable lockers allow the driver to select when they want to lock and unlock from the driver’s seat (Offroaders). This locker type provides drivers with more control and freedom to utilize the locker’s traction only when necessary which is ultimately the goal. If the locker is always locked, then it can decrease the maneuverability of the UTV and impose undue stress and wear on drivetrain components. By choosing a selectable locker, drivers are able to utilize the factory-designed steering conditions while having the option to switch to a high-performing traction device. If you are looking for a long-term investment that will enhance your UTV driving experience, then you will definitely want to choose a selectable locker. These selectable lockers will outperform any automatic locker through its durability and design.


Halo Locker

The Halo Locker is a selectable, fully locking differential that is designed to lock both wheels on the axle together on the driver’s command. With no hesitation, driving force is restored to the left or right, the Halo Locker provides drivers with a quick traction fix as it takes on any obstacle.

Once the locker’s switch is engaged, the actuator moves the shifting fork while engaging the halo ring into its locking gear. This action locks the left and right axes together so both sides get driving power at all times while engaged. While it may make the steering conditions tighter, this switch allows for the driver to access extra power and speed in a range of terrain. Whether you take on climbing, boulders, obstacles, or trails, the Halo Locker is a simple fix to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

The Halo Locker is great for off-road drivers who tend to get stuck in spaces or want to take on bigger challenges. With strength, longevity, and precision at the forefront of every build, the Halo Locker provides UTV drivers with a reliable product. You can really see how capable the Halo Locker is through its multi-terrain performance. Let’s check out some impressive YouTube videos of drivers with an installed Halo Locker.

When locking a differential, axle strength becomes a bigger factor. Since the wheel no longer has the ability to shed its driving force that power must come thru the axle and drive you thru the obstacle or terrain. The Halo locker is available for stock axle sizes and upgraded axle diameters for added reliability.



Halo Locker Driver Testimonial

Time and time again, the Halo Locker has proven itself to be at the top of the locker market through its unbeatable locker. While we can go on about all the great features of the Halo Locker, nothing is a greater testament to its quality and capability than hearing from a fellow driver. Take a look at why the Halo Locker has worked for drivers in this forum.

Review by user Richharlan on Maverick Forums.

“I have purchased, installed, and tested the Halo Locker and want to pass the good word to all. I live where there is a lot of hill climbing to be done. I took it out today and was so impressed it climbed every hill with ease and little throttle. The unit was easy to install, easy to activate, comes pre-wired, and even comes with a nice-looking factory matching switch. I have done a lot of things to my rig and can honestly say this is the best addition I have made. Climbing some major hills without even a wheel spin really changes the ride of the rig. When the Halo is on there is no front in push, I have power steering so you can’t even tell it’s on. –Thank you to the guys at Halo lockers they were great to deal with fast turnaround and great customer service (which is rare these days).”

Check out this YouTube video from Dirt Trax TV for a video review of the Halo Locker!



Video on How to Install a Halo Locker

Installing a Halo Locker can be done quickly and easily without any additional help. While the locker comes with an instructional packet, sometimes it is easier to get a visual of the steps. Take a look at how the Halo Locker is installed on a Can-Am Defender and a Can-Am Maverick X3 in the YouTube videos below!



TORQ Locker / Torque Locker

If you are looking for an affordable traction fix to your UTV, then you should consider the TORQ Locker. The TORQ Locker is an easy-to-use, automatic locker that slips into the differential to allow for better traction. Rather than knowing when to activate the locking and unlocking switch, the TORQ Locker will automatically sense when you need it. This pin locker type is a great option for beginner UTV drivers or ones that drive mainly off-road. From climbing rocks and obstacles to powering through difficult terrain, the TORQ Locker gives drivers the confidence to conquer any challenge.

Unlike other automatic locker models, the TORQ Locker has fewer parts to worry about. It has no spacers, no dowel pins, and no measurements to worry about during installation (TORQ Masters). As a result, the TORQ Locker is one of the more reliable and popular automatic lockers on the market. Want to see how big of a difference the locker makes? Let’s take a look at a side-by-side comparison of the TORQ Locker vs. a factory differential in the YouTube video below.



TORQ Locker Driver Testimonial

Even if we prefer selectable locker designs, there’s no denying the level of performance a TORQ Locker can provide off-road. For drivers who prefer an automatic locker, the TORQ Locker is a good choice. While we can tell you all about it, it’s better to hear from the drivers themselves. Let’s find out why drivers like this cost-effective, quick traction device.

Review by user Sandman_73 on Maverick Forums.

“I have been running the TORQ Locker for a while now on my 17 in all kinds of conditions (dunes, dirt, desert, snow) and I wouldn’t go back to the Visco for what I do. The improved traction is worth it. I did have some buyer remorse after some tough rock crawling through. The weak 17 PS unit really shows up after adding this locker. You will feel the heavier steering when going from 2WD to 4WD with the TORQ. The steering also naturally wants to return to TDC when accelerating and is something you will have to adjust to. Since adding the ePowersteer everything is good for me again and I can steer through pretty much any condition with ease when in 4WD.”

Want to see a video review? Check out this YouTube video from Appalachian Mountain Riders for a video review of the TORQ Locker!



Video on How to Install a TORQ Locker

Since the TORQ Locker has fewer parts, it has a straightforward installation process. Whether you prefer to read the steps or watch the steps, it never hurts to watch a YouTube video explaining them. Let’s take a look at how the TORQ Locker is installed on a Can Am Maverick in the YouTube videos below!




Differences Between a Halo Locker vs. TORQ Locker

While the Halo Locker and the TORQ Locker both allow drivers to endure more difficult terrain, they both have their own set of advantages and setbacks. Learning the difference between the two lockers can help UTV drivers decide which locker is a better fit for their off-roading needs. The most apparent difference between the Halo Locker and TORQ Locker is the separate types of locker. The Halo Locker is a selectable locker while the TORQ Locker is an automatic locker. This factor alone can greatly influence the driving characteristics, drivetrain strength, and price point of the locker. Let’s take a closer look.



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