Can-Am X3 Side-by-Side Vehicle – What You Need to Know

Can-Am X3 Side-by-Side Vehicle – What You Need to Know

The Can-Am X3 is the ideal side-by-side vehicle for anyone looking to enjoy endless adventures this year. Whether you are driving on dirt, rocks, or dunes, it’s perfect for racing or just getting off the beaten path to explore some of the most exciting regions in North America. Today, we’re going to share our complete guide to the Can-Am X3 side-by-side vehicle, which will help you to decide if this UTV is the best option for you.


X3 Vehicle History

The Can-Am X3 was a highly anticipated vehicle for the company. Over the years, there have been multiple versions of the vehicle, with the Can-Am Maverick X3 first revealed in 2016. It aimed to be a game changer for anyone looking for a new and innovative UTV. The high horsepower of the X3 is what particularly makes it stand out, which is all thanks to the intercooled 3 cylinder engine. This vehicle aims to allow you to explore uncharted territories in any part of the country, driving across terrains that might not otherwise be accessible. The company has continued to expand production operations over the years, with many vehicles produced now in Mexico. The Can-Am X3 is produced by BRP, which was founded in 1942.


Can-Am X3 Awards

Thanks to its innovative design and high performance, the Can-Am X3 has been recognized throughout its history. The Can-Am Maverick X3 Max received a Gold status during the 2018 Good Design Australia Awards. The vehicle was also used by the Can-Am X-Team drivers, who took home the first place prize in three of the races during the 2017 Off-Road Championship.


Common Problems or Complaints from Can-Am X3 Drivers

While there are many benefits of owning or renting a Can-Am X3, drivers do have their fair share of complaints about this vehicle. The most common issue with the X3 is with the radius rod and plate. Unfortunately, these just aren’t as durable as you would expect from this type of vehicle, which means they often need replacing far sooner than one would hope. Other issues to be aware of are with the shock tower brace and front and rear knuckles, which may not perform as expected.

The good news is that the company has continued to make big improvements to the X3 over time. The intake system is still a little too loud for many drivers and the vehicle sometimes feels a bit too jerky, but you’ll overall find that the X3 exceeds expectations for most side by side drivers.


Surprising Can-Am X3 Facts

The title of the vehicle in itself is often confusing to many drivers. The X is added to the name to share the trim package, which is what differentiates this vehicle from others manufactured by the company. The world’s fastest Can-Am X3 was recorded to do a fantastic 112 mph, which just goes to show how powerful this vehicle really can be. It’s ideal for driving on many different terrains, which allows people from across the country to head out on dunes, dirt and rock trails to explore more terrain off of the beaten track.


Can-Am X3 Driver Reviews

We’ve already covered some of the common complaints with the Can-Am X3, but you’ll find there are many positive driver reviews associated with this UTV. It’s generally a fantastic vehicle to drive, with a well thought-out interior for drivers. The seat belts and seats are very comfortable, which means you’ll enjoy spending hours exploring off-road. It has the perfect combination of ease of use, comfort, and handling capability, meaning it really does offer the complete package for most drivers.

One thing to keep in mind with this type of vehicle is that it may require a break in period when you first purchase it. This time allows the vehicle to get used to the demands you are going to place on it, which is usually for about the first 200 miles. Definitely give this high-performance vehicle this time to make sure it adjusts and you’ll find you soon see the benefits of how powerful this engine can be.

Can-Am X3 Pricing

As with any vehicle, the pricing of your Can-Am X3 will depend on whether you are buying it new or used and the model year. The new vehicles usually come in around $31,000, but this price will vary slightly based on the adjustments you may make to the vehicle. Don’t expect a used one to save you a huge fortune though, as these can typically be quite hard to find on the market today. You may be lucky enough to find one for about $20,000, but always check the mileage and condition of any used Can-Am X3 you purchase to ensure it’s a wise investment.


Where to Buy Parts for Your X3

Are you looking to purchase parts for your X3? If so, we recommend checking out the official online store for the full range of parts and accessories. You can customize your vehicle to make it the ideal drive for your needs, with a variety of side-by-side gear on offer. The vehicle has a very simple chassis design, which allows you to make adjustments for various configurations while still enjoying excellent performance and handling. There are no limits to the improvements you can make to your comfort and driving experience, which is one of the biggest benefits of this vehicle.

The Can-Am X3 is one of the most exciting vehicles in the company’s current line-up. It’s ideal for a wide range of uses, and we only expect it to continue to be as popular for many years to come. It’s important to educate yourself about the potential drawbacks of the vehicle, so that you can keep an eye on some of its weaknesses and common concerns. Otherwise, you’ll find that it delivers excellent performance and handling and can be upgraded to offer you the drive of your life.


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Upgrade Your X3 with Halo Performance

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