Best UTV Tires for Sale Online – How to Choose the Best Tires for Your UTV

Choosing the best tires for your UTV is something that every driver needs to do in order to have a safe and enjoyable driving experience. There are many things that impact the type of tires you need, including the terrain that you will be driving on and the time of year. Keep reading as we share our complete guide to the best UTV tires for sale online today.


How Do You Read UTV Tire Sizes?

The first thing to be aware of when choosing UTV tires is the size that you will need. Most companies will use a standard tire sizing chart, which uses three different numbers. These state the diameter of the tire in inches, the width of the tire in inches, and the wheel diameter in inches. There are also metric measurements for these tires, which show three numbers and a letter. You’ll find that this shows the tire width in millimeters, the aspect ratio (written as a percentage), the construction type (R means radial, which is the most common option), and the wheel diameter in inches.


What Does It Mean for a UTV Tire to Be DOT Compliant or Approved?

If a UTV tire is DOT approved, it is compliant with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s safety standards. Any tire you use on highways in the U.S. needs to have this mark, but for off-road use, you can consider other options. These tires are naturally very secure and effective options and will help to make your driving experience safer.


How Do You Know What is the Best Size Tire for Your UTV?

The type of tire you need for your UTV will be dependent on the make and model of the vehicle you are driving. Firstly, you need to consider if you are going to be driving on highways or just off-road. DOT-rated tires are necessary for highway driving, to keep you safe on the roads. When choosing the size of tire that you need, make sure you check the rim diameter of your wheels to ensure that the tire in question will fit it correctly. You’ll then want to consider the surfaces you will be driving on and whether the one you’ve selected is right for that need.


Where Can You Buy UTV Tires Online?

It’s extremely easy to find UTV tires online today. These are some of the most popular and trusted options we’ve come across, all of which will offer you an option for every type of surface and use.

  • Tensor Regulator TiresThe Regulator from Tensor is a DOT-compliant tire which is created based off truck tires. It’s a good all-terrain tire that offers 8-play-rated construction.
  • Fuel Gripper Tires – The Fuel Gripper tires are perfect for casual racers through to regular ATV users, being the ideal option for even the most demanding terrain.
  • BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM3 – The Mud Terrain KM3 is a strong option for drivers who are specifically looking to drive on muddy terrain and need that extra grip and protection.
  • Tusk Terrabite – Offering an all-terrain tire for UTVs and ATVs, the Tusk Terrabite is made from a premium rubber compound and has a truck-style tread pattern.
  • Maxxis Liberty – Maxxis is one of the most trusted online retailers for UTV tires, and the Liberty is a popular option for drivers of any experience level.
  • Tusk Megabite – Another great option from Tusk is their Megabite tire, which is an excellent off-road tire for UTV drivers.
  • Maxxis Carnivore – Maxxis also offers the Carnivore tire, which is a sturdy and durable tire for UTV drivers.
  • ITP Coyote – ITP is another great online tire store that we’d highly recommend, and the Coyote is one of their best-selling tires for UTV drivers.


Best UTV Tires For Snow

During the winter months, you need to ensure you have the correct protection for this challenging type of surface. Try to find a tire with deep tread for this time of the year, with 1 inch usually being enough protection for drivers. Tires such as the AMS Mud Evil are a good option, as they offer groove channels that give you extra grip on the snow.


Best UTV Tires For Mud

Dedicated mud tires are available for UTV drivers, which have unique tread patterns designed for this terrain. They can then easily be cleaned after use so that you enjoy good traction time after time. The tread lugs on this type of tire can be as much as two inches in depth, offering you the protection you need when driving on slippery mud.


Best UTV Tires For Mountain Terrain

When driving on mountains or popular off-road destinations, you’ll find that the terrain is often very rocky. There are now specific tires designed for this purpose, which are thicker and made from stronger materials to protect you from jagged rocks.


Best UTV Tires For Trails and Pavement

You have several options when it comes to finding UTV tires for trails and pavements. You won’t need as deep tread as other surfaces for this, but remember, if you are also going on the highway, you need to look for DOT-approved tires.


Can You Put Bigger Tires On Your UTV or Side-By-Side Vehicle?

Safety always needs to come first when you are choosing the size of tire that you add to your vehicle. We recommend ensuring that you don’t select a tire that’s too large for the UTV you are driving, or it may impact the balance of the vehicle.


Additional SxS Tire Resources

For more information about choosing the best UTV tires online, check out this video, this guide, or another great video here for more information and support.

We recommend learning as much as possible about choosing UTV tires to remain safe and secure when driving on any surface in the future. We hope that this guide will support you in finding the right tires to enjoy hours of time exploring various terrains with your UTV in the future.


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