Billet Half Case/ Pinion Side


Differential pinion side case for X3/defender

If you have experienced a broken differential case you can upgrade to this case as a replacement. If you are already running an X3/Defender Halo Locker and would like to have a complete billet case here is the remaining piece you need.

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Made from billet aluminum with a thicker wall design for rigidity and durability. This case is NOT EXCLUSIVE for a Halo Locker it can be used in place of the stock case.


  • Billet case
  • Differential carrier bearing
  • Axle support bearing
  • Axle seal
  •  Pinion bearings (both front and rear)
  • Pinion seal
  • Fill plug
  • Drain plug
  • Shim Kit

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in